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CUNA's Compliance Community is a dedicated space for credit union compliance professionals. Designed by credit unions, the compliance community is the interactive hub for all things credit union compliance, and is open to all affiliated credit unions and their employees as a CUNA member benefit.

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CUNA Comp Blog

Written by CUNA's Compliance Legal Experts, the Comp Blog provides daily insights and clarification on compliance hot topics, the most frequently asked compliance questions, as well as interpretations on regulations & legislative implications.

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Latest Discussions

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Compliance News

  • CUNA will be engaged with Senate Banking Committee and House Financial Services Committee hearings this week on the federal government’s response to the pandemic, featuring testimony from Fed and Treasury leaders.
  • A proposed reduction in the threshold for BSA regulatory information collection retention and transmittal requirements for funds transfers down to $250, from the current $3,000, would result in substantial burdens and costs for credit unions.
  • CUNA announced Monday it has hit its highest affiliation rate since 2009. CUNA member credit unions now represent nearly 87% of all credit unions, and includes nearly 90 new members since August.