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CUNA's Compliance Community is a dedicated space for credit union compliance professionals. Designed by credit unions, the compliance community is the interactive hub for all things credit union compliance, and is open to all affiliated credit unions and their employees as a CUNA member benefit.

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Built by CUNA's Compliance Legal Experts, these implementation tools are designed to help you navigate the compliance management process.

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Written by CUNA's Compliance Legal Experts, the Comp Blog provides daily insights and clarification on compliance hot topics, the most frequently asked compliance questions, as well as interpretations on regulations & legislative implications.

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Latest Discussions

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Compliance News

  • A federal appeals court voided the Department of Labor’s fiduciary rule Thursday, saying it was an arbitrary exercise of administrative power. CUNA believes would have created additional compliance burdens for credit unions.
  • CUNA will host a free webinar on the first nationwide brand platform for credit unions March 19 at noon (ET).
  • The D.C. Court of Appeals overturned the FCC's definition of an autodialer and vacated the FCC’s reassigned number approach in a lawsuit brought against the TCPA in which CUNA filed an amicus brief.